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sealcoat sealcoating asphalt lot
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sealcoat sealcoating asphalt lot
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sealcoat sealcoating asphalt lot
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sealcoat sealcoating asphalt lot
sealcoat sealcoating asphalt lot
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Parking Lot Striping

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sealcoating asphalt lot
Sealcoating Asphalt Lot

It is a known fact that sealcoating protects asphalt pavement from destructive elements like rain, sun, snow, salt, gasoline and motor oils. Many large companies sealcoat their asphalt pavement not only to beautify, they do so to protect their investment. Regular maintenance does help cut the cost of replacement.

Seal coat is a wearable surface that takes the abuse rather than the actual asphalt.

A-1 Asphalt Services only uses sealcoat that meets the Federal Specification RP355E. We also add a latex additive to all sealcoating mixtures. Doing this prolongs the life of the sealer with neoprene rubber giving your asphalt a jet black finish that resists tire marking.

A-1 Asphalt Services also adds a silica sand or graded slag to provide texture for a nonslip surface.

A-1 Asphalt Services provides this service 24 hours / 7 days a week to accommodate your schedule.

Modern equipment
Modern Sealcoating Equipment.

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